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Hi, I'm Christopher, or Chris. Wedding, Fashion, New Born, Fine Art, and Landscape photographer, jack of all photo's. Photography is my passion, and when you meet me you'll know why. I always try to help my clients in any way i can, and offer them my artistic photographic advise when shooting with film, medium and large format. Using film has given me the strength as a photographer to be confident in my work, especially for your big day or in my own pieces of art. I live and work in the Mother City, Cape Town South Africa, and would love to travel abroad. I work full time in photographic position assisting in the industry, mostly commercial work and big campaigns. Please note bookings are essential and over a weekend basis only. Nothing makes me happier than having a camera in my had, the perfect light, location and subject, all three combined make the perfect picture again, and again. Something that sets me aside, is that I have an extensive range of camera equipment old and new, using new techniques as well as old (hand printing and traditional film developing). I studied photography and have been in the industry for seven years, day in day out working and teaching myself the ups and downs of photography, with the most incredible photographers and people that have moulded me into the photographer I am today.

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